My wife and I were born in St. Louis, MO with great families and good upbringing. We met in high school and somehow ended up on the path of drug and alcohol. We became addicts and lost everything due to our habits. In 1992 someone witnessed to us and told us about St. Louis Power House Church and a program that help people restore their lives. We joined and completed the program as required. Upon graduation we stayed faithful members in the church under the leadership of Pastor Joey Rivas and St. Louis Power House Church.

After 17 years of faithfulness, evangelizing and reaching souls in the streets of St. Louis, the Lord spoke to me and Pastor Rivas stating it’s time to duplicate yourself. A team of men and me began traveling nationwide evangelizing and reaching souls. Ultimately expecting God to speak to me and lead me to the city where I would spend the rest of my life being a missionary to the drug addict.

When I arrived In Miami, we started to evangelize the city where we fellowshipped with A.M. Cohen Temple. We saw the need for a ministry like Power House in the community. God touched my heart and I knew Miami was where God wanted us to be.

Reaching souls for Jesus,

                                                           Pastor Lamont Finch

Lady Denise Finch was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. At a young age of she gave her life to Christ and joined Mount Ivory Missionary Baptist Church, under the leadership of Rev. William Dailey Bishop.


Denise later on strayed away from the Will of God into a life drug addiction and prostitution. She married the father of her children, Lamont Finch, in Oct. 11, 1992 but both of them later began to abuse drugs again for the next two years. September of 1994 her husband phoned her to say he was in the Men’s Home and allowed God to complete the had been there for a month doing well and if she wanted the family restored she must do the same. She humbled herself and went back in the Women’s home and allowed God to complete the plan and good work He started in her. She rededicated her life back to Christ and was filled with the Holy Ghost.

While under the leadership of Pastor J Rivas of the St. Louis Powerhouse Church, the Lord spoke to her Husband (Lamont) to come to Miami, where they knew absolutely no one (as he did Abraham) to reach out to the Drug Addicts, Alcoholics, Drug Dealers, Gang Members and Prostitutes of Miami and offer them the Love of Jesus.

They came with nothing but obedience to the voice of God and fellowshipped with A.M. Cohen Temple under the leadership of Bishop Jacob Cohen for over one year until God Blessed them with their own Church Building. She alongside her husband and the members of the congregation (SOUL Patrol Team) walk the streets daily spreading the Love of Jesus, unto the meek, binding broken hearts, liberating captives, comforting those that mourn, giving beauty for ashes, oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness, that they might be called trees of righteousness & that Jesus Christ might be glorified.   


Today Denise is 19 years clean from drugs, alcohol and prostitution through the Power of God and through the blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  She currently serves as First Lady of Miami Powerhouse Church and is the Coordinator (“Big Mama”) over the Miami Power House 9-12 month Women & Children Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation; her husband and Pastor oversees the men’s home.

She has a heart of honesty (tell it like it is) and compassion as she ministers to the hurting women, men and children. Pastor Lamont Finch, Lady Denise and The Miami Power House Church is dedicated to Reaching the hopeless, the homeless and the lost.....for the sake of the cross, through the Power of Prayer, the Word of God and the Blood of Jesus.